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CRU Champagne Bar offers Pink Mumm No.1 Champagne exclusively in Thailand, along with bespoke elixirs fit for angels and much-loved cocktails from around the world. It’s all in good taste, in great surroundings, whether you are having a casual after-work catch-up with friends, popping by for a pre-dinner champagne aperitif, or swaying to some tunes late into the night.


Taste of the Caspian Sea Caviar
Served on ice with traditional accompaniments
30 grams Premium Russian Caviar
THB 5200
30 grams Royal Beluga Caviar
THB 7800

Oysters on the Half Shell
Served Thai style and with Champagne mignonette
THB 799

Kagoshima Wagyu A3 Strip loin
and Foie Gras in a cast iron pan
Mushrooms, sake glazed
THB 1150

Salt and Pepper Seafood
Squid, shrimp, and white fish tossed with Thai chili,
garlic, shallots, and herbs

Iberico Pork “Pluma” skewers
Nam Jim Jaew dipping sauce

Chicken “Tsukune” Meatballs
Yakitori glaze
THB 200

Peking Duck Steamed Buns
Spicy hoisin, cucumbers, green onion

Lobster, Crab and Corn Crispy Fritters
Truffle aioli
THB 750

Kurabuto Pork Belly Steamed Buns
Korean chili paste, pickled vegetables, fresh coriander
THB 285

Tantalising the tastebuds, eyes, and mind

Foie Gras and Chicken Yakitori skewers
Spicy miso dipping sauce
THB 388

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet chili dipping sauce
THB 295

Wagyu Short Rib “Rossini” sliders
Foie Gras, black truffle sauce, Parmesan bun
THB 675

House cured Balik style Salmon
THB 265

Assorted Spanish “Joselito” Cured Meats
THB 485

Flavor Dynamics of Cheese
THB 285

Assorted Spanish “Joselito” Curred Meats & Cheeses
THB 740

Chocolate Seedling
Rich chocolate mousse, chocolate soil, mint sprig
THB 300

Caramel Vanilla Puffs
Iced vanilla and Salted caramel profiteroles,
chocolate splash
THB 300

Delicious dishes reimagined